Star of Bethlehem

Helmut W. und Sigrun Diedrichs

Traditional Picture

The Wise Men from the East
the Star of Bethlehem

Ecbatana versus Babylon.
Did the wise men have a political mandate?

For Matthew, number symbolism played an important role.
The explanation of the gaps in the family tree of Jesus.

Possibilities and facts.

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I researched and the result was surprising.

In this essay, I tell the story about the sages from the East in a novel way. (Holy Three Kings)

The essay looks with the eyes of the wise men.

For the first time (?) it shows in particular the political situation.
For the first time (?) it shows the presumed thinking of the wise.
For the first time (?) it shows the way from Ecbatana to Jerusalem with a redesigned map.
For the first time (?) it shows a graphic the conjunctions and the planetary loops clear and understandable.

In addition, the article is deliberately kept relatively short and is dense and has a lot of evidence.
There is a lot to be said on this subject, but other essays are often too voluminous, or they have too few notes attached or are too one-sided.

Although I believe that at the end of March in 7 BCE. The birth of Jesus was
but my essay also admits the conclusion of Hesemann that means at the end of March 5 it could have been.

I would be happy to hear your opinion:
In a few weeks there will be a repaired version for download.

The Journey of the Magi from the East OR The Path of the Magi from the East. Map of the Empire of the Parthians under King Phraates with Silk Road. Ekbatana, Hamadan, Babylon, Bethlehem, Seleucia, Damascus Palmyra, Tadmur, Baghdad, Roman Empire under Augustus. The Kingdom of the Parthians. The holy Three Kings. The Wise Men form the East

The Journey of the Magi from the East or the Magi in the Map of Parthia and the Roman Empire

Quotes from the essay:

King Phraates IV reigned in 7 BC. already in the 31st year over the great empire of the Parthians.
Reluctantly, he closed in the year 20 BC. with Emperor Augustus a peace treaty, which set the border to the Roman Empire to the Euphrates. The associated loss of land and the humiliation hurt him. Rome was too powerful to attack again, but subversive actions were welcome to destabilize neighboring imperial provinces and thereby weaken Rome.

In the former capital Ecbatana, which was conveniently located on the Silk Road, there was not only a lot of trade but also a time-honored university. Ecbatana is today called Hamadan, a city in western Iran.

The Bible text:

1 When Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a city in Judea, during the reign of King Herod, astrologers came from a land in the east to Jerusalem. 2 „Where do we find the King of the Jews who was born recently?“ They asked. „We have seen his star rise and come to worship him.“ 3 When King Herod heard of this, he fell in dismay and all Jerusalem with him.

My comment:

I am touched by this story that the Bible is a dubious subject of astrology that is dubious to me and to the Bible (Isaiah 47: 13-15, Jeremiah 10: 2-3, Leviticus 19:31), attaches such special importance to this point. For my own understanding, I have found the following explanation for my inner acceptance:

• The Creator does not overtax us with his absolute knowledge, but makes himself sympathetically understandable in the context of our ability to understand.
• His goal is not to teach us the right sciences, but to bring salvation to us.
• God speaks to us in a culturally appropriate way so that we can understand him and translate his message.

God forms his message understandably.

Helmut W. Diedrichs